Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Use Restaurant Forms and Auto-Pilot Your Management Tasks

If you've ever played the Diner Dash online game you know that time management is the tragic cosmic joke in the restaurant world. The online game mimics what real life restaurant managers experience every day and unknowingly lose in the realm of time management.

A little time management and restaurant forms for organizing will lessen your stress and increase the quality time you spend with your friends and family. To save time and give restaurant managers direction when running their business, solid operational systems should be in place. This system consists of processes for every aspect of restaurant operations, such as food preparations, cooking time, restaurant inventory, and food service.

Keep in mind the following tips when planning your system:

* Prepare a restaurant checklist and identify the key areas where you need to improve delivery and quality, such as food service. If the personnel assigned to that area needs further training, then provide to them the opportunity to learn.
* If you can cut corners without sacrificing quality, then do so. This tip does not refer to making shortcuts in food preparations and in cooking. Cutting corners works best in accounting and office tasks, such as using a POS system to shorten order taking and relaying the orders to the kitchen.
* Eliminate time wasting activities by creating restaurant forms that your employees can fill up to aid inventory management and accounting. Examples of restaurant forms include kitchen prep sheets, purchase order forms, and cash drop sheets. You can download restaurant templates online free. You can even create an inventory schedule using an Excel spreadsheet.
* Delegate the tasks. Letting your shift supervisor or assistant manager handle certain key areas of restaurant operations leaves more time for you to spend with friends and family. Train your employees on how to use the restaurant forms and managing the restaurant's schedule.

Once you have implemented a reliable restaurant schedule that any of your restaurant staff can follow through, then you are on your way to decreasing the stress and spending your time at work the way it was meant to be... training your staff and building relationships with your customers.

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/

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